Book Flavours

in collaboration with Jeannine Govaers & MENDO

‘Flavours – Capturing the beauty of nature in homes and gardens’ – flower designs by Ueli Signer and Florian Seyd,  
beautifully portraited by photographer Jeannine Govaers and published with MENDO.

‘Flavours’ does not set out to be a step-by-step book or a collection of highly technical arrangements. It aims to show us just how beautiful nature can be and how you can bring natural elements into your own home or life to make everything a bit nicer. Everything that nature has to offer us, from colourful fishes to extravagant birds, special shells, amazing plants as well as fragile butterflies or a single flower all symbolise the power of nature.

“Time goes by so quickly in our hectic day-to-day lives. We work with nature in order to slow down this speeding train, particularly with flowers. They show us how short life actually is and how fragile beauty can be.” Florian Seyd

This is a book to enjoy and that will inspire you to brighten up your house and garden with natural elements. For sale through our webshop: and through MENDO book store in Amsterdam.

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