Hotel De L’Europe

x The Wunderkammer

Hotel De L’Europe Amsterdam has opened the doors of ‘t Huys: a renovated wing of the hotel, with its own entrance on the Nieuwe Doelenstraat, where both Amsterdam residents and hotel guests can find ‘Original Amsterdam Luxury’. ‘t Huys accommodates three Amsterdam icons of art, style and luxury: the Skins Spa, the studio of high-end florists The Wunderkammer – and a new Italian restaurant: trattoria Graziella. The interior design of ‘t Huys is by Amsterdam designer collective Nicemakers. ‘t Huys is also enriched with four event rooms with a view over the Amstel, which are available for special and social events and dinners. ‘t Huys is a lively place where people walk in both from the street side as well as from the hotel lobby.

A relaxed atmosphere to browse around for a book, find a nice gift at The Wunderkammer or sit down at Graziella for a good plate of pasta and a glass of wine.

The location of The Wunderkammer in ‘t Huys has the function of an atelier where founders Florian Seyd and Ueli Signer display their artworks, interior objects, rare plants and curiosities. From this location their team also takes care of all flowers and plants for the five star hotel itself.

Master Florist Florian Seyd: “It is fantastic to work together with De L’Europe Amsterdam, because we share our passion for craftsmanship, culture and refinement for elegant and natural materials. Because of this unique location in De L’Europe we have a historic platform to share our love for flowers and seasonal artworks.

Pictures courtesy of Hotel De L’Europe and Alan Jensen

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