Meet the Wunderkammer Team

Florian Seyd

Florian Seyd (1974) trained as a florist in his native Germany and developed his early expertise in Boston during a work experience in an orchid and Camellia nursery, an apprenticeship at Gregor Lersch in Bad Neuenahr which he finished in 1997 best of the year from regio Koblenz /Germany.

After finishing his Master Florist education in 2004, Florian Seyd started his own business specialising in demonstrations, seminars, working in the team of the Dutch flower council to forecast new trends for the flower business, fair displays, party decoration, garden design and the presentation of flower events fluently in three languages (German, English, Dutch).

Florian has been teaching flower design in various schools and has lead workshops and demonstrations for florists in more than 18 countries around the world since 1997.

Regular tribute to the floral art magazines: “der Florist” – “Floristik International” – Germany; “The Flower Arrranger” – England; “bloemenblad” – Netherland; “Taiwan Floral Art’ – Taiwan; “Floral Today” – Korea” and “Klip” – Spain. ‘Flavours’ (2010) and ‘Das neue Gesicht der Pflanze’ (1998) are among the books that have been co-authored by Florian Seyd.

Florian Seyd and Ueli Signer started collaborating in 2005 and launched their first ‘Shop for a Week’ in 2008. Florian & Ueli were named ‘one of the 27 leading florists in the world‘ by author Isabel Gilbert Palmer and included them in the book Formidable Florists by Lannoo.

Ueli Signer

Ueli Signer (1971) trained as a gardener and florist in his native Switzerland, and further developed his expertise in Italy, France, Germany and Denmark (Tage Andersen, Kopenhagen).

Ueli’s international activities include decorating weddings, events, showrooms, trade show stands and and art direction.

Ueli teaches flower design in various schools and has lead workshops and demonstrations for florists around the world.

Next to being a very detailed flower arranger, Ueli Signer also designs his own furniture and volieres, and objects for the home. These artefacts carry his own signature style, very often made from iron in a surprising combination with woods, tiles, stones and concrete. Most of these pieces are designed for special customers, shop projects and Shop for a Week, always handmade and in limited edition.

Florian Seyd and Ueli started collaborating in 2005 and were named ‘one of the 27 leading florists in the world‘ by author Isabel Gilbert Palmer of the book Formidable Florists by Lannoo (2016).

Mario Pashouwers

After his studies for floral design and management Mario travelled the world and gained working experience as a floral designer, event manager, and stylist in New York, Paris and Florence. In 2013 Mario decided it was time to come back to Amsterdam and per November 2013 joined the Wunderkammer as team leader. His responsibilities include general management, design and customer service.

Barbara Jongepier

Barbara, the office manager. After an organisational function at a top florist, Barbara pursued her career in back office management, working amongst others at an executive search agency.

After many years of experience, Barbara came again in contact with Florian and Ueli and returned to the world of flowers and plants which she is so passionate about, by joining the team.

Marjolein van Zanten

With a background in marketing, PR and business development for the luxury industries in London and Paris, Marjolein decided to go independent mid 2010 and base herself in native Amsterdam.

After falling in love with work of Florian & Ueli at the ‘Secret Garden’ Shop for a Week in 2010, Marjolein happily joined the Wunderkammer team to handle PR and project management.

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