Opening The oasis of Matisse

at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

27 MAR – 16 AUG 2015

The Oasis of Matisse is the largest exhibition of Henri Matisse (1869-1954) in the Netherlands ever. Enter an exuberant world of color and discover masterpieces by Matisse alongside work by his contemporaries from the Stedelijk Museum’s permanent collection. The Oasis of Matisse is an unforgettable experience!

For the festive opening of the exhibition The Wunderkammer prepared Matisse inspired bouquets with tropical leaves and flowers, and a large photowall of tropical leaves matching Stedelijk  Museum’s famous artwork ‘La perruche et la sirene‘ by Henri Matisse. In 1930, Henri Matisse left San Francisco for Tahiti because of the light, he said : “I will go to the islands, under the tropics, to see the night and the dawn light that must have an other density.” Many of his most famous works were inspired by his trips abroad. You can now go and see them at the Stedelijk Museum!

Photo credit first image:

La perruche et la sirène, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2015. ©Succession H. Matisse, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam.

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