PRESERVED: Saving Beauty

A new multi sensory experience by The Wunderkammer

Florists and stylist collective The Wunderkammer has been recognized for the last ten years by their Shop for a Weeks in Amsterdam and after the twentieth edition last May, they introduced a new experience concept PRESERVED: Saving Beauty.

PRESERVED shows harvested and collected treasures from nature in a canal house. Let yourself wander through The Wunderkammer’s ‘Urban Farm’ on the canals and surprise you with a sumptuous scenes at the table, which invites you to join and dine. Celebrating and preserving nature. It is a temporary oasis of nature in the center of Amsterdam where workshops, dinners and musical surprises take place in a lush environment created by The Wunderkammer.

Florian Seyd and Ueli Signer, founders of The Wunderkammer, have bought a farm in Monnickendam, with orchards and their own vegetable garden. In future, events can take place here, and the opportunity to receive people there.
PRESERVED: Saving Beauty is a way to get the experience of that farm already to the city. During PRESERVED they will show and have a taste of what they have harvested and kept on the farm this summer.

Preserving is an ancient tradition, to make the richness of the summer lasting, to be able to enjoy in the winter – the summer sun. But if you look at it in a bigger picture, you can also preserve flowers by drying them, keeping their summer growth for a much longer time.You can also see it as a step to live closer with nature if you start to harvest ( flowers, fruits, vegetables and other treisure in nature) and keep these presents preserved with you.

If you open a glass of home cooked jam, look at a bunch of dried summer flowers, taste a nut you collect, the memory of collecting, preparing, cooking or drying, the spell of preserving this moment is with you. You are back in a balance of seasons and worthy treatment of natural goods. Preserving our earth – first steps are made by a sensible way to deal with the gifts of mother earth.

Dita Guth is a trained chef and certified sommelier and owner of Salotto Rosso ( Her 20 year culinary journey has taken her from NYC, Paris, and Rome where she eventually relocated to Amsterdam. In the Netherlands, she has catered for a myriad of high profile clients with discerning taste and will be featured on NPO3’s First Dates NL.

Dita Guth: “When approached by The Wunderkammer team to form a collaboration in executing their Preserved dinner series, I was over the moon. Being a true lover of everything they create and the way they create mirrors so much of my very own principles and desire to infuse everything with passion. The concept of Preserved, it its essence, stands for the conservation of beauty, nature and the way things were. And with this exact theology, it is what I seek to do. To create a bespoke menu for The Wunderkammer that personifies the beauty of the ingredients I choose, and encapsulates the very memories that I deeply cherish. Each course has been developed specifically to showcase the preservation of a tradition, of a memory, of a product of nature.

Herengracht 178, 1016 BR, Amsterdam

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