Shop for a Week

08-17 June 2012
Kerkstraat 163-165, Amsterdam

“The first signs of life occurred under water, this is where we want to take you! A magical color, fantastic shape and amazing texture diversity surprises you. Experience what nature created and how artisans got inspired by that. Dive with us in a different world! ”
Shop for a Week; a collection of the most fascinating and surprising artifacts and naturalia to decorate and beautify your house, workspace and surrounding. From short loved beauties, flowers and plants to fossils and minerals and handmade treasuries, all can be found in our collection.
Sculptures by Klaus Dupont from Berlin; a chandelier made of shells, tables with salt water animals, wall installations with lobsters and a room divider with shells and coral – all by Ueli Signer, home perfumes by Ortigia

Pictures by Janita van Wouw, video by Samuel van Rozelaar

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