Death the End

Shop for a Week

15-24 October 2010
Magazijn, Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 15, Amsterdam

Death the end or a new beginning? A thrilling collection of natural burnt artefacts scorched by the sun, fire and human beings. Burnt structures and natural art kept for eternity or a part of evolutions starting the cycle of life again! Life through fire? Nature, never a dull moment.

This Shop for a Week, we introduced the exquisite artifacts from Klaus Dupont and featured the fairies of Cedric Laquieze. The book “Flavours” by Florian Seyd, Ueli Signer and Jeannine Govaers was launched.

To celebrate life as it’s fullest, the Wunderkammer transformed into a unique pop-up restaurant, during the “Dinner between Flowers’ evenings.
In the intimate setting of the Wunderkammer, one large circular table seats 20 to 40 people who could enjoy autumn inspired exquisite food prepared by the ex top chef of Toscanini and Vasso restaurants.

Pictures by Dim Balsem

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