Manufactured – Hand made with love & skills

Shop by The Wunderkammer

4-31 December 2015
Staalstraat 7b (Hotel Droog)

Hand made with skills and love

a decorative item
feel it in your hands
touch it with your eyes
enjoy the quality with all your senses
the soul of this object
enlighten by the spirit of the maker
pleasure for your eyes
created beauty by a trained hand
craftsmanship as its best
a collection made by hand with love

In December 2015 a new “Shop for a Week” will be created in Amsterdam under the artistic lead of Master Florists Ueli Signer & Florian Seyd. This Shop for a Week is a temporary store and gallery full of treasures for interior styling and fresh cut flowers and plants that suit the theme “Manufactured”.

The Wunderkammer shows in their 15th edition of the Shop for a Week their love for hand made decorations. Made by hand, using old and traditional techniques all these items breathe originality, uniqueness and knowledge of their maker.

Think of a wintery setting with festive laid tables, surprising combination of materials and objects. One table in a nearly see-through setting, glass, minerals, candles and naturalia in silver shades, whites, off whites, greys and faded pinks. Another setting has a more earthen feel; wood, ceramics, metal and horns, the color scheme here, brown, warm, gold and copper.

Come discover new unique pieces by Berlin artist Klaus Dupont, unique new furniture by Ueli Signer and festive styling & presents.

Open: Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Monday) at Hotel Droog – Staalstraat 7, Amsterdam

Pictures: Jeannine Govaers

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