Power of the Flower

Shop for a Week

9-18 June 2017
Prinsengracht 845, Amsterdam

Our 18th Shop for a Week will exhibit the emotional effect of flowers.

Since ancient times, flowers have been used by humans to celebrate, decorate, and express feelings during momentous events (births, weddings, celebrations, deaths), to show pure love and affection, and to brighten up our homes.

With flowers, nature gives us gifts, seasonal signs, wonderful scents, amazing textures, and unbelievable colours.

To work with flowers on a daily basis, and at the same moment try to express, enhance, or capture human emotions with them, is what makes our job so wonderful.

Nowadays, when many established values, ideas, and expectations seem to have suddenly become destabilised, a flower is a strong symbol of unconditional love, shared feelings, peace, diversity, and freedom. Our Shop for a Week will highlight this love of ours for flora. We want to take you on a journey to ‘flowerland’, to impress you with their beauty, make you consider their emotional value, and send out a message:

Give flowers—use the Power of the Flower—to make our planet a friendlier world!

This time around, we will also use our shop more as nature’s gallery than as an actual shop. We invite all of you to come look at our exhibition pieces and lose yourselves in their beauty.

Loves me
Loves me not
Loves me
Simple trick
– of a flower – 
With a strong message
Predicting your own desire
Moving hearts and mountains
Giving food to your soul
Power of the flower
Putting a spell on you!

For this edition we will collaborate with several artists such as Klaus Dupont, Ardmore Ceramics & Design, Hilde Trip and Cake Atelier Amsterdam. It will be also the first time to discover the premium scented roses of Damasque in Amsterdam and artist Anne van Borselen will be will be making live paintings through out the week. Watch artworks come alive!

Shop for a Week began in 2008 as a temporary presentation, and Power of a Flower will be its 18th edition.

The event takes place from June 9th to 18th, 2017, and is open daily between 11:00–19:00 at Prinsengracht 845, Amsterdam.

Pictures by Jeannine Govaers

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