Magical Twist

Shop for a Week

14-23 October 2016
Prinsengracht 845, Amsterdam

Magical Twist
Checkerboard inspired
Dark as the night
White as snow
Intertwining light and dark
Contrasts do matter
Black and white
A splash of colour
Ends that meet
Starting something NEW!

This October, The Wunderkammer is bringing you a new Shop for a Week in the centre of Amsterdam. Shop for a Week is a temporary store and gallery full of treasures for interior styling and fresh cut flowers and plants that suit the theme “Magical Twist”.

This ten day presentation is under the artistic direction of Florian Seyd and Ueli Signer. As always, mother nature and her beauty is at the centre of the store. A selection of rare plants and flowers will be available, next to a large collection of pre-historic minerals and fossils from Madagascar, and new silver candlesticks from a Swedish design brand.  Architectural plants are shown alongside new designs by Ueli Signer. 

Three artists are participating: Hilde Trip, Klaus Dupont and John Biesheuvel.

Shop for a Week began in 2008 as a temporary presentation and Magical Twist is now the 17th edition.

14-23 October 2016: Open daily between 11:00-19:00 at Prinsengracht 845, Amsterdam

First two pictures by Michelle Reine

Store pictures by Jeannine Govaers

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