Urban Farm

Shop for a Week

7-16 October 2011
Kerkstraat 96-98, Amsterdam

Good ol’ time
Everybody now and then dreams about the past, how everything was so much better. The food, the life, the love, but why? Because we were living life slower than we are now or were we closer to nature and nature closer to us? So lets try to make a dream come true, slow down a bit, look closer to nature to make that bond with her again.
A day on the farm – so simple, a dream has come true!

The team created a countryside feeling right in the middle of Amsterdam with their latest shop for a week. Their recurring temporary shop & gallery full of natural design will this time be all about reconnecting with nature.

Farmers Breakfast
During the two Sundays a ‘Farmers Breakfast’ was organised – “from seed to harvest to table”. Seated on haystacks, you were served a selection of seasonal farmers’ specialities in the countryside yet contemporary ambiance. Florian’s father baked apple cake live ‘the old fashioned way’, Veuve Clicquot kindly served champagne and Starbucks provided for a surprising coffee tasting session.

Pictures by Janita van Wouw

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